How much does a website cost?

This is a common question and one that we wish we could answer easily. Our pricing page will help answer the question to a degree, however it is dependent on the type of site you require, the functionality it needs and the time required to create a look and feel (design) that aligns with your vision. We do everything we can to fit in with whatever budget our clients have to work with - please contact us for a quote, you may be surprised at how affordable an amazing website could be.

How long will it take to build my website?

This does depend completely on the size of the website and how fast you can provide required information - a sitemap, text content, images, draft approvals etc - however most simple websites (1 - 10 pages) can be running within 3 weeks from starting. Larger or more complex websites will vary however we will provide you with a detailed idea of how long the website will take to build with your quote.

Do your websites have hidden costs?

No! We let you know up front the exact costs involved and how much each will cost with a fixed quote. We hate bill shock, and we would hate to be a source of it and we will not do this to you. You will know exactly how much you will be paying and no other costs.

Our pricing is also simple - we generally do not have a huge list of confusing costs - most of the time it is a simple list of:

  • Website design & development (the actual design and coding)
  • Website Hosting (ongoing annual cost)
  • Email Hosting (optional ongoing annual cost)
  • Domain Registration (optional ongoing annual cost)

Do you create mobile friendly websites?

Absolutely! ALL our websites are designed from the ground up to be mobile, tablet and all device friendly. This means that your website will display beautifully on all mobile devices like iPhones, Samsung Phones and other Android devices, iPads, Samsung Tablets and all other tablets, on laptop computers, desktop computers, smart TVs - even your smart fridge.

Do you manage websites? If I don't want to edit my website myself?

Yes - we create websites that you don't have to manage yourself. We offer monthly plans also of different sizes that allow for a certain amount of changes to be made. You can just send all your text and images and other content to us and we can enter all your content. However our CMS system is amazingly easy (and even fun) to use so you may be convinced to edit the website yourself, however we do understand that many businesses do not have time - you are too busy working in your business to work on it. We know the feeling!

What happens if I have trouble working out how to edit my website?

Just contact our support team and we will help asap. We're friendly and very fast at providing the correct answers and help that you need. All our websites come with extensive training videos showing how to edit your site also so you may find all the answers you need there.

Are your websites templates?

No. All our websites are completely 100% custom coded and because of this we retain complete control over the design and functionality. We can literally build any function you need into a website (if your budget could allow it). However our custom websites come with 99% of what most of our clients need and are looking for.

Do you travel for meetings and consultation?

In some cases yes. If a website budget is over a certain thresh-hold, and you are committed to going ahead with the project, we do travel for meetings and consultation. However with the size of the area we work in, sometimes it isn't practical to travel - and 95% of the time email, phone calls and video conferencing work very well to communicate anything that is required.

Do I own my website?

You sure do. Once your website is live and built you definitely own the content and design and structure of your website and you can take the content, design and structure anywhere you like.

Will my website display on Google and other search engines?

Yes. Our websites are designed and built from the ground up with SEO in mind to ensure you rank well on Google. We have a lot of success getting out clients to the #1 or #2 position for their desire search terms, which drives a lot of traffic and income creating business to them. However, an ongoing advanced SEO strategy is recommended and often required in highly competitive fields.