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Website Design & Development for the Bairnsdale region

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Errol Mason / Secrets of the Sambar

Mountain Cattlemen's Association of Victoria (MCAV)

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The Pizza Truck - Mobile Food Vendor

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Town Information

(According to Wikipedia)

Bairnsdale is a city in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia in a region traditionally owned by the Tatungalung clan of the Gunaikurnai people.

The estimated population of Bairnsdale urban area was 15,411 at June 2018. The city is a major regional centre of eastern Victoria along with Traralgon and Sale and the commercial centre for the East Gippsland region and the seat of local government for the Shire of East Gippsland. Bairnsdale was first proclaimed a shire on 16 July 1868 and it was proclaimed as a city on 14 July 1990.

The origin of the city's name is uncertain. It was possibly Bernisdale, with "Bernis-dale" originating from "Bjorn's dale, or glen", which indicates the Viking origins of the Skye Village. Legend has it that Macleod was so impressed by the large number of children on the run, the children of his stockmen, that he called it Bairns-dale, or "valley of the children". The Ganai name for the area, 'Wy-yung', refers to a kind of duck and the name for Bairnsdale backwater area is 'Kauan' meaning echidna.