Web Design Process

What is the process to getting a top website?


The best way to start is to contact us and provide us with information regarding your requirements. Once we've talked through all the issues and have a good idea of what you are after, we will provide you with a quote.

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Our quotes are generally a fixed price per project based on the information you provide. This means you won't get a surprise bill at the end if it takes longer than we expected.

If you're happy with the quote and accept us, and your project is large enough, we'll send you a simple contract that just outlines clearly what is expected from both parties. With smaller projects email or just talking on the phone or in person is enough.


Once the contact and quotation stages are over then we start planning, and run a content plan, site and navigation plan and design plan over your project. You will be heavily involved in this process of planning your website to ensure it is perfect, and exactly what you need.


Once the planning is complete and we have a thorough understanding of your website, and both parties are happy with the plan, we then design the site - providing drafts and iterations until you are a happy client. As soon as we have exceeded your expectations with the design we have produced, we move into the development stage.


In this stage we put our heads down and work hard. After a certain amount of time, that we will discuss with you during the planning phase, your site will be developed and ready for launch. About 60% into the timeframe of this stage we give you access to your test site to ensure things are progressing, working and looking exactly how you hoped they would.


Once the site is finished we either fill out the content you have provided, or we hand it over to you to fill with content via your new website control panel. Once you are finished filling out your site and it is completely ready, we will launch it live to the world.


Once the site has been launched we keep in touch to make ensure you are happy with it, don't have any problems and are comfortable managing the content with your CMS.


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