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Website Design & Development for the East Gippsland region

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East Gippsland Primary Care Partnership (PCP)

Gunai Kurnai Traditional Owner Land Management Board

Errol Mason / Secrets of the Sambar

Mountain Cattlemen's Association of Victoria (MCAV)

A1 Trailers & Bairnsdale Trays & Welding

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Website Design & Development for the East Gippsland region

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Region Information

(According to Wikipedia)

East Gippsland is the eastern region of Gippsland, Victoria, Australia covering 31,740 square kilometres (14%) of Victoria. It has a population of 80,114.

The Shire of East Gippsland, also called Far East Gippsland, covers two-thirds (66%) of East Gippsland's area and holds half (50%) of its population. The Shire of East Gippsland is confusingly also referred to simply as East Gippsland. It excludes the Shire of Wellington (Central Gippsland). This article (currently) refers mainly to "Far East Gippsland".

East Gippsland's major towns include, from west to east, Bairnsdale (the largest town and administrative centre), Paynesville, Lakes Entrance, Orbost and Mallacoota. Smaller, but significant, towns in the more mountainous northern areas include Ensay, Swifts Creek, Omeo, and Buchan.

East Gippsland extends from the western watershed of the Mitchell and Thomson River catchments east and north to the New South Wales border. Rugged terrain makes farming difficult, even with fertilisers.